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Online Community for Orthodox Christian Singles


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What is Orthodoxandsingle.com?

A professionally developed and maintained online community for Orthodox Christian singles looking for other Orthodox singles.

How do I know privacy is protected?

Please read the privacy policy in detail. Sharing private information can be dangerous, and we encourage all members to follow the protocols laid out in the privacy policy. Also, we do not keep information which could be used for identity theft on our data servers. All payment information is maintained with Paypal, the company we use for all financial transactions. We will never ask for private identifying information, such as social security number or home address. The only information available for members to see is the information you share on your personal profile.

What does the free membership include?

You are welcome to join and browse for free. A paid membership, also known as activating your account, is needed to interact with the online community.

What does activating your account include?

Encounters – Get the “Want to meet you” folder to find out who said ‘Yes’!
Chat – Get your messages delivered to the people you are interested in!
Audio chat – It is like talking on the phone without giving out your phone number, which protects you.
Video chat –  The next step for some after messaging is going well. Similar to Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime.
Friendships – Build friendships, and write on your friend’s wall.

Have a question?

The quickest form of communication is email, [email protected].

How do I know the other members are who they say they are?

We do not conduct background checks on the members of this website. We instruct all members to fill out their profiles completely. If you are interested in taking a relationship to the next level with someone you have met on this website, consider calling their parish priest to introduce yourself. If the person is not willing to reveal information about their home parish, such as parish name, city, jurisdiction, and priest name, which can be confirmed with any Archdiocese, then please reconsider continuing the relationship.


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