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Report: “The Pandemic and American Orthodox Parishes”


Source: OrthodoxReality.org

Today we release the report, “The Pandemic and American Orthodox Parishes.” You can download it HERE. If you are one of the 250 priests who participated in this study, we express our deep gratitude to you for sharing your thoughts and your parish’s experience in dealing with the pandemic.

Information provided by the study participants was amazingly frank, heartfelt, and insightful. Thanks to the input from parishes representing seven jurisdictions and all parts of the country, we were able to learn about the great variety of local circumstances and parishes’ responses to the pandemic. Some findings presented in the report are troubling, while others instill hope or offer creative ideas that can be helpful and used by other parishes. Examples of what you will find in the report:

  • How parishes are adjusting their liturgical services to the new circumstances
  • New ways of offering Sacraments and, especially, administering Holy Communion
  • How parish priests describe their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, major needs, and sources of support
  • Changes in parish finances caused by the pandemic
  • New practices and creative strategies developed by parishes which help them through this crisis

There is one request on our part. Whether you participated in this study or not, please help us by clicking HERE and answering four simple questions related to possible future studies and sources of data on American Orthodox Church life.

We encourage you to share this report with your parish communities as well as with Orthodox friends and relatives. And we always welcome feedback and suggestions. Send your reflections and inquiries to [email protected] or use the contact form on the website: www.orthodoxreality.org.

Click HERE to access the report, “The Pandemic and American Orthodox Parishes.”


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