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SVOTS receives approval for D. Min. Distance Learning Program; Applications being accepted

Fr Sergius Halvorsen

Fr Sergius Halvorsen

Source: St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary here is now accepting applications from priests, chaplains, and other professionals in ministry who want to earn an accredited Doctor of Ministry [D.Min] degree through a new hybrid program that combines on-line coursework with on-campus intensive training. In the coming months the seminary administration will begin reviewing applications to admit 15 students into the first cohort of the new program, set to commence with the fall semester 2014. There also will be an on-campus orientation this summer.

The Association for Theological School [ATS] approved the hybrid D.Min. program in fall 2012.  Most recently, on March 21, 2014, the State of New York’s Office of College and University Evaluation also granted its approval. The Danilchick Family Endowment for Pastoral Studies, a fund set up by Protodeacon Peter M. Danilchick and his wife, Tanya, will help support qualified D.Min. students with their tuition through need-based scholarships.

Archpriest Dr. J. Sergius Halvorsen, Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Rhetoric at Saint Vladimir’s and the program’s director, observed, “Receiving authorization for the D.Min. from New York State is a great accomplishment for everyone at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary, and I’m extremely happy to complete this stage of initial planning and authorization. Now our world class D.Min. faculty can begin the essential work of strengthening the ministry of priests, chaplains, and others involved in institutional and professional ministry.”

The D.Min. Program will integrate doctoral level academic work with applied pastoral practice, and members of the Saint Vladimir’s faculty, along with Orthodox Christian scholars from other institutions, will teach the eight core courses:

  • Archpriest J. Sergius Halvorsen, Ph.D., Advanced Preaching and Communications
  • Gayle E. Woloshak, Ph.D., Bioethics for Ministry
  • Archpriest Nicholas Solak, D. Min., Counseling in the Parish
  • Archpriest John A. Jillions, Ph.D., Ministry in a Secular Age
  • Daniel B. Hinshaw, M.D., Ministry to the Sick and Dying
  • Priest Gregory Edwards, Ph.D., Missiology
  • Archpriest Eugen J. Pentiuc, Ph.D., Scripture: Exegesis for Preaching
  • Archpriest Joseph F. Purpura, D.Min., Youth Ministry

A project that combines research at the doctoral level with the intentional application of pastoral theory in pastoral ministry will comprise the final phase of the program.

“Pastors today face immense challenges,” emphasized Father Sergius. “The depth and intensity of suffering and spiritual darkness in the lives of the people we serve is startling. Facing such serious challenges, there has never been a greater need for excellence in pastoral ministry.”

Program applicants must have at least three years experience in ministry subsequent to their first theological degree, be currently serving in a position of ministry, and be capable of doing doctoral level academic work.

To learn more about the program, contact Father Sergius at [email protected] or 914-961-8313, x367.  Additional information, including technology requirements, may be accessed here.


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