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Source: The Greek Reporter A Greek Orthodox monastery, founded more than one thousand years ago is thriving just south of Rome, Italy in the epicenter of Catholicism. The monastery is a remnant of ten monks belonging to the Byzantine rite Basilian order, loyal to the Pope but clinging to their traditional Greek liturgies. Against all odds keeping the faith alive and managing to thrive as book restorers in their monastery. Part of a 1600-year old order established by St. Basil in the year 356, the men of the Grottaferrata Monastery still follow the ascetic pattern of prayer and work that the Byzantine saint…

Source: The New York Times We are spiritual beings. That’s why I joined the millions of people who make some form of religious pilgrimage. By Timothy Egan Not long ago, I found myself inside a place that claims to be the oldest church in the English-speaking world — St. Martin’s in Canterbury, England, a few steps from the start of the ancient pilgrimage trail of the Via Francigena. It was my first stop on a pathway of more than a thousand miles, a trail from that modest clump of sixth-century stone and brick to the Vatican home of a pope struggling…

27th International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality CALLED TO LIFE IN CHRIST Monastery of Bose, 4-6 September 2019 in collaboration with the Orthodox Churches On the Mountain You were Transfigured, O Christ God, And Your disciples beheld Your glory as far as they were able; So that when they would behold You crucified, They would understand that Your suffering was voluntary, And would proclaim to the world, That You are truly the Radiance of the Father! Kontakion of the Holy Transfiguration of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ Program of the Conference Information and registration