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Source: The Washington Post By Ruth Eglash Beside a nondescript stretch of highway linking Bethlehem to Jerusalem, there’s a large shiny rock and a cluster of olive trees. This place, called Kathisma or “seat” in Greek, is said to be where the Virgin Mary rested and drank from a well, not long before giving birth in a stable to Jesus. The only clue to that history is the ruins of a Byzantine church, with a vibrant mosaic floor peeking through mud and smashed beer bottles. And while the ruins themselves remain in the hands of the Greek Orthodox Church, all the…

By Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D. I stared out my kitchen window one more time and simply saw too many lights across the mountainside. They belong to the new illegal Israeli settlement that has been going up during the past few years regardless of the results of any negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. I was reminded of the film I saw the other night. The Stones Cry Out: The Story of the Palestinian Christians was screened at Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center to a full house packed with an audience of locals and internationals as well as the film’s director,…