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Source: RFI By Anne-Marie Bissada As Egypt’s elections kick off on Monday 26 March for the next three days, Rfi goes to the southern city of Asyut,  which has one of the largest Coptic populations in the country,  to see if efforts by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have been effective in ensuring the safety of the Copts after recent terrorist attacks. Photos by Pedro Costas Gomes. On a hot sunny afternoon, just before the start of the weekend, the three hour mass at the Arch Angel Michael Cathedral in Asyut is packed. The Coptic Orthodox Church plays a central role in…

Source: Egypt Independent by Taha Sakr Egypt’s main Coptic Church decided on Thursday to suspend holding any conferences and organizing the church-sponsored trips to monasteries, Coptic Orthodox Church Head Bolus Hailm said. Halim told Egypt Independent that the decision came following consultations with the Interior Ministry, which recommended the suspension of the aforementioned activities until the end of the month of July. “Due to security concerns raised among churches’ officials against any gatherings of Copts in Egypt, the churches affiliated to the Coptic Orthodox Church consulted the main church to coordinate with the Interior Ministry to undertake any action,” he explained. He further asserted…