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Source: The National Herald Rouman: a Doctor Who Believes in Miracles BY CONSTANTINOS E. SCAROS HARTFORD, CT – The National Herald’s recent article “Greek-Americans and Miracles over the Decades” (Aug. 8) prompted Dr. James Rouman, a retired anesthesiologist and the author of two novels, to share is own firsthand account of a miracle that occurred almost 30 years ago, yet remains fresh in his mind and left a profound effect on him. “I was attending a medical meeting at an O’Hare Airport Hotel in March 1987,” Dr. Rouman told TNH, “when I learned of a tearing (weeping) icon at an…

Source: Illinois News Network online Religious leaders from the Orthodox Christian Churches will come together Tuesday night April 22 to commemorate the discovery of the Icon of the Virgin Mary that began tearing/weeping 20 years ago. Parishioners at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, 1220 S. 60th Court in Cicero, noticed that an Icon of the Virgin Mary began tearing, first with one tear and later by the end of the night with four separate tears. The tears were dabbed in with cotton and mixed with oil which was distributed to more than 1,000 Christian Churches around the world, and 100,000…