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Source: Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

The current church situation in Ukraine has a long history. Millions of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians were excommunicated from the church. In response, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has today restored them to communion and granted their church autocephaly.

Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis’s life and work



  1. What a joke! I witnessed this “Rev. Dr. John” (guess he doesn’t use his clergy title of “Archdeacon” in polite society …) person in action at the Catastrophe in Crete, answering questions of the Press … extremely arrogant and haughty individual. Wrote a propaganda book about the “Oh, SO GREAT Patriarch Bartholomew.” The “New & Improved” Constantinople Creation in Ukraine, a job done to order of the U.S. Satte Department (one of the schismatic leaders even gave an interview THANKING THE CIA for its “support!”) is still a schismatic organization. Bartholomew & Sorry Company had no business to intrude in the Canonical territory of another autocephalous Church, and their “We gave you that in 1686, but now we’re taking it back” … “reasoning” is absolutely ridiculous. The Phanar stopped being a “Church” and started working for the US State Department in 1948. Or maybe people think the Clintons, Obama, Biden, and other US polticians visted Bartholomew in the Phanar to go to “confession” …

  2. Chernobyl is the hot spot to consider in any dropping of bombs in Ukraine. and any situation that creates conflict and NOT peace. The nuclear materials are not only devasting to the local population, but the world as fighting and disturbance of the contaminated grounds can only bring us all closer to a living hell. Repent and work for peace. This is central to our Christian Unity. Mother Elizabeth (Bacha) NewTikhvinSketeoftheHolyMotherofGod.org.

  3. Well, all of this along with the $25 million down payment the Ukrainian oligarchs gave + Bart for “RECOGNITION.” Probably another $25 million to follow in 2019!

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