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World Council of Churches Feeds the Monster


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Founded in 1948, The World Council of Churches (WCC) is a fellowship of 345 Protestant and Orthodox Christian churches in 110 countries. Their aim is “to support the member churches and ecumenical partners to journey together, promoting justice and peace in our world as an expression of faith in the Triune God.”

To advance their “justice and peace” initiatives, they collude with Islamic and Palestinian friends in a covert scheme to sabotage Israel.  Their web of anti-Zionism extends throughout Europe, the Americas and Africa. While this may seem a bold assertion, it is nonetheless worth examining some undeniable evidence.

WCC is among the many coalitions of Christians that embrace the extreme left and the jihad agenda as appeasers and collaborators.  According to Melanie Phillips, a British journalist and commentator, Islamic tactics are emboldened largely due to the support of Christian leaders. These strong alliances help to propel the Islamic agenda.  Respectable Christian institutions like the WCC have partnered and even befriended this dreadful Islamist fraternity under the guise of ecumenism.

“Can’t we all get along?” says the WCC.  “Let’s start a friendly dialogue.” “Let’s mend some fences.” “ Jesus said, ‘Love your enemies’.”

Even though Christianity and Islam don’t see eye to eye on much, it doesn’t take them long to find a common narrative — the demonization of Israel and Zionism. They can’t agree on who God is, or about Jesus as the messiah or about Mohammed as the chief prophet. They do square on one point however: Israel is the nefarious instigator of the world’s atrocities by building apartment houses in Ramat Shlomo.

A casual observer might wonder why the WCC seeks dialog with radical Islamist groups since

Islam asserts that they want to establish a global caliphate with Sharia as their governing doctrine and jihad as their tactic. This is just one monster of the past hundred years. Hitler was the monster of the 1930’s, and communism controlled the 50’s through the 80’s.  Today the forces of fascism, the left and Islamic jihad have amalgamated into a leviathan hell-bent on devouring the civilized world.

On the surface, chatting with Islamists seems innocent enough. Islamists, however, make no secret of their plans to create a new world order free of “infidels.”  Documents such as the Hamas Covenant andPLO Charter outline their plans to destroy Israel and the West. The Muslim Brotherhood has a written plan to infiltrate the United States and implement Islamic hegemony. Hezb’allah in Lebanon is one of many puppets of Iran and is openly dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Its manifesto proclaims it.

“Our primary assumption in our fight against Israel states that the Zionist entity is aggressive from its inception, and built on lands wrested from their owners, at the expense of the rights of the Muslim people. Therefore, our struggle will end only when we obliterate our enemy. We recognize no treaty with it, no cease fire, and no peace agreements, whether separate or consolidated.”

Iran, the leading state-exporter of worldwide terrorism, regularly asserts its goal to establish supremacy by annihilating Israel and all “infidels.”  To that end, Iran deploys the Iranian Revolutionary Guard  to the far reaches of the globe.

Tarek Fatah, a Muslim journalist, recently wrote in The Toronto Sun 

“- the success of the Islamists is partly due to what I believe is a grand betrayal of civil society by the political left in Western democracies. Instead of leading the fight against the fanatics’ religious obscurantism, they have embraced it.”

While Fatah’s instincts are correct, he has neglected to include a large block of Christians, shepherded by the WCC, hugging the left in their fatal embrace.

For sure, the WCC is not the mastermind of anti-Zionism or anti-Judaism. World history provides sufficient evidence. Mohammed and his boys got their first taste for butchering Jews  in Medina in 624. Nothing is new here.

Because Christianity is the child of Judaism, the anti-Judaism espoused by groups like WCC is difficult to comprehend until you know the early history of Christianity. The Church Fathers began to break the bond with their Jewish roots almost immediately after the death of the Apostle Paul (the Jewish apostle to the gentiles). As early as 165 C.E., an anti-Jewish narrative had established its bona fides within Christianity. The Church founders deconstructed Jesus’s Jewish identity, vilified the Jewish story and invented the idea of Christian “chosen people” status.  They hijacked the moniker “The New Israel” (also called “The Israel of God”).  They redefined terms, spiritualized Biblical concepts, undermined Jewish practices and re-interpreted Scriptures to accommodate their plan to replace the Jews.  John Chrysostom’s sermons (c 349-407 C.E.), Eight Homilies Against the Jews, reveal the mindset.

The Council of Nicea (325C.E.) was the turning point. Here Emperor Constantine formalized his vision of a unified Roman Empire under the banner of Christianity. The pagan Romans flooded into the Christian fold like a “Black Friday” shopping event. One of Constantine’s objectives was to sever his Roman Christianity from its Jewish foundation.  Among its accomplishments, the Council changed the dates and replaced Passover with a pagan Easter celebration. The early “fathers” reframed the picture with the assertion that God had discarded his promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The “church” inverted the story and accused the Jews of being “Christ killers.” Contemporary scholars call this “Replacement Theology.”

Today’s Christianity bears little resemblance to the brand of Judaism practiced by Jesus, Paul and the other apostles whose accounts we find in the Gospels and The Book of Acts. 

Even though Europe today is generally secular, it still contains the DNA of ancient Christianity and the Jewish hatred lodged in its Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant bones.

The World Council of Churches and affiliates are carrying the torch of “replacement theology” which, in all of its contemporary varieties, is a grave theological error. The deception lingers from those nascent days of Christianity.  While the Roman Church birthed the idea, the Reformation Church and its thousands of modern branches, including organizations like the WCC, have swallowed the fraud of “replacement theology” hook, line and sinker.  They have aligned their ideologies with some nasty bedfellows to vilify Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people.

The Presbyterian Church (USA), a member of WCC, is just one venomous snake in this Medusa head. According to Dexter Van Zile’s report, their vote to divest from doing business in Israel in 2013 continued a long- standing alliance with the left and the pro-Islamic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

The Church of Scotland, another WCC affiliate, caused a firestorm among Jewish and Pro-Israel organizations in 2013 with a report  asserting that the Bible does not give Israel any rights to the land. However, they affirm Israel’s right to share in a tiny piece so long as they carefully avoid stepping on Palestinian toes.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America ( ELCA) is a member of WCC as is the Church of England (Anglican). Many scholars agree that Martin Luther (1483-1546), the “Father of the Reformation,” influenced  Hitler’s agenda with his assertion in “The Jews and Their Lies” that the only good Jew is a dead Jew. The globetrotting Anglican Vicar, Stephen Sizer,  cavorts with Islamist leaders.  He leads anti-Israel groups such as Friends of Sabeel UKand Christ at the Checkpoint conference which he helped to direct for years. Sizer calls for a “Jihad” against Christian Zionists.”  Both Sabeel andChrist at the Checkpoint demonize Israel as they cry for “peace and justice.”  One of Sizer’s most recent books, Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon, is a scathing polemic against Israel and friends.

The entire WCC club embraces “replacement theology”—the Methodists, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), the Anglicans (Church of England), the Presbyterian(USA) Church, United Church of Canada, United Church of Christ, and the Church of Scotland to name a handful of the most vitriolic offenders.

As the WCC beats the drum for the cause of “Palestinian liberation,” evangelicals, many of whom had been longstanding friends of Israel, increasingly endorse the WCC hype.  Christian anti-Zionist ringleaders recruit evangelicals  to their Palestinian cause through “solidarity” tours, conferences and other propaganda devices.

WCC portrays their brand of “peace and justice for Palestine” as a valid Christian/humanitarian enterprise; but it is, in truth, just another variation of Jew-bashing with the intent to invalidate legitimate Jewish claims to their ancient homeland.  This narrative plays into the hands of Palestinians, Hamas and other Islamic terrorist agencies who call for “death to Israel.”  Today slogans like “peace and justice” and “death to Israel” echo like wildfire throughout college campuses, in churches and in the Western press, finally eroding every form of reason or logic. No amount of rational discussion seems to be able to quell this fire-breathing monster.




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  1. The first earthly concern for Christians is the welfare of other Christians, and that includes those who are Palestinian, and are being oppressed in their own native land by Israel, who forcibly took most of it from them and continues to take more. The “Israel first!” Christian-Zionist doctrine so prevalent in Evangelicalism didn’t appear on the scene until less than 200 years ago; before that, the various branches of the Church universally recognized that Christians – the Church – are the Israel of God, counted as the seed of Abraham, and inheritors of all the promises to the same, regardless of whether they are Jew or Gentile by blood.

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