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A Scar is Not a Wound


Seeds of Hope with cardinalSource: Seeds of Hope – Orthodox Christian Healing & Counseling

When we suffer wounds, especially traumatic wounds (fired from a job, a divorce, loss of a loved one, abuse, etc.) God can bring healing.

Healing takes time and often the most healing comes through others who have suffered the same kind of wounding.

Wounding changes us.  It leaves scars.  But scars are not wounds.  Scars are what remain when the wounds heal.

Don’t pick at the scar.  You’ll cause another wound.  That wound will be different than the wound that caused the scar.

Instead accept the change that the wounding imposed.

Do this and the future opens again, albeit in a new way.

God heals the wounded, but He works with the scarred.
By Father Hans Jacobse, A friend to SEEDS of HOPE, OCHC.


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