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Audio Presentation of the Orthodox Christian Laity Open Forum at St Vladimir’s Seminary


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October 29, 2014 Length: 1:48:55

Orthodox Christian Laity hosted an open forum at St. Vlad’s on the work of the Episcopal Assembly. Speakers included Alexei Krindatch, Bishop Michael of New York and New Jersey, and Archbishop Nathaniel of the Romanian Episcopate.



  1. Tony Dimopolous on

    This presentation is filled with inaccuracies. The entire push for Orthodox Unity in North America began in 1961 with SCOBA. + Iakavos, + Antony and + Ireney pushed for a united, autocephalous Orthodox Church to be established in North America. In the minutes of SCOBA, it states that this NEW church should be called, “The Orthodox Church in America.” Fr. Alexander Schmemann was able to make this a reality in 1970 when the former Metropolia of the ROC was granted autocephalous status. This NEW autocephalous church would form the basis for Orthodox Unity in North America. The Romanians joined the new OCA; the Albanians; the Bulgarians and others. However, the Greeks and Antiochians reneged on their promise for unity. The Episcopal Assemblies under + Bart of Istanbul is a shameful attempt for the Greeks to try and lay claim for unity in North America. It should be pointed out that + Bart has no intention of granting autocephaly to a NEW American Church, but all the Orthodox in North America to ONLY be united under himself. A true sham!

    • Tony,
      You are totally correct, or rather almost totally. The Phanar’s arrogance isn’t “shameful” in itself, it’s simply historical business as usual. Compare Phanar’s invective letter issued after Ligonier I synod, for example, with the one issued in response to Romania’s autonomy in 1866, or all the others. You’re right – we’ve simply got to declare Independence, but it was easier in the ’60s when there were 11 North American bishops, than today with 50+.
      In the 60s & all along, Archbishop +Iakovos of blessed memory was open to autocephaly (it was finally his undoing post-Ligonier I), but often when he’d return to New York, he’d be met by picketing ultra-Hellenist extremists. I was Chairman of CEOYLA (remember it?) & saw first-hand how “pan-Orthodox” cooperation was stage-managed, talked to death.
      The archives of my Romanian Episcopate-OCA contain +Iakovos’ 1963 letter congratulating then-CEOYLA Chairman Richard Joseph on the wildly successful 1st National Pan-Orthodox Great Vespers in Pittsburgh. Then the Archbishop wrote, “Knowing that your thoughts are in the direction for a united Orthodoxy in America, I must point out to you that * * * your views and thoughts for a future manifestation of such a united Orthodoxy in this country must be submitted and discussed at a special meeting of the Standing Conference, in all its aspects, at least a year before the event, since there are so many problems that must be gone into thoroughly.”
      Please check out my presentation to OCL’s 24th Annual Meeting in 2011 about CEOYLA 1963; at minute 27:00 of the video you will see +Iakovos’ letter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2b24IGxkqk
      Orthodoxy in America is being starved due to foreign politics. With hierarch inflation up to 50+ today, our hope for Autocephaly is being stymied. Let’s go!

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