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CHRIST IS BORN! How Much is He Suffering Today? – Archbishop Sotirios


Source: The National Herald

By Archbishop Sotirios of Canada

His Eminence Archbishop Sotirios of Canada. (Photo by Archdiocese of Canada)

“Darkness covers once more cities and towns
while our souls wait and our anguish abounds.
Lies and bitter hatred have poisoned us all
the tragically spilled blood of countless dead.
Come dear Christ to us who patiently await,
bring us peace and comfort.”

Darkness. Everywhere darkness. Thick black clouds cover the sky. Wars everywhere. Bloodshed. People uprooted from their homes are running to find peace. They drown in the seas. Decimated, they seek out new countries in which to relocate. Incredible to witness.

They commit suicide and kill innocent people. Furious jihadists cutthroats with a knife. What kind of God is this in whom they believe? Certainly fake.

Everyone tragically killed is a small Christ. Fourteen thousand (14,000) innocent children were slaughtered by Herod. Thirteen million (13,000,000) Christians were sent to martyrdom by the pagan Roman Empire. Today, about one hundred thousand (100,000) Christians are killed every year. Does anyone know how many have really been killed in Israel and in Gaza from Palestinians and Israelites? How many more will be killed. And it’s not only that. Think of Ukraine and Russia and those who do these crimes – they are Orthodox Christians.

Yes, every unjustly killed person, small or big, is an image of Christ. Christ was and is persecuted.

He is persecuted by unbelief. By atheism. By the theory of the superman who wants to put man on the throne of God. By false religions. By the religions which teach that their followers can kill in the name of God.

In the two thousand (2,000) years from the time of Christ on the Earth, Christianity is diminishing for the first time. What should Christians do?

Should we be scared? Should we surrender unconditionally? Certainly not. The Lord God lives. Christ lives. He lives in the souls of Christians.

“Now is the fight for everything.” Every Christian should ask: Do I have faith like a mustard seed? Such faith can move mountains.

Do not be afraid Christians. Virtue was hung on the cross by evil. Christ was crucified. Evil thought that He was finished. But Christ died and rose again. He was victorious. He reigned and continues to reign.

At Christmas, everyone should ask themselves: Does Christ reign in my soul? Am I a sincere and honest Christian? Do I live my faith? Does Christ live inside me? This is imperative for every Christian. Christ is everything. For Christ to be in the soul of every Christian.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, with Christ within our soul. As Christ defeated death, He will overcome the evil that rages on today.


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