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Holy Synod of Greece votes unanimously against marriage equality


Source: Ekathimerini.com

Greece’s Orthodox bishops have voted unanimously to reject planned government legislation for marriage equality that would also allow for the adoption of children by same-sex couples.

A meeting of the Holy Synod further decided to address an open letter to all 300 members of parliament outlining the church’s objections to the proposed legislation.

The letter will also be read out in churches across the country on February 4.

In a statement, the Synod said that while it is the state’s responsibility to legislate, “this parameter neither deprives the church of freedom of speech, nor relieves the church of the duty to inform the faithful.”

“The Church does not legislate and is not responsible for laws. But if she remains silent, she bears a heavy responsibility and destroys herself.”

It said the supporters of the bill are advocating “the abolition of fatherhood and motherhood and their transformation into neutral parenthood” as well as “the disappearance of gender roles within the family.”

The bill put the “sexual choices of homosexual adults” before the interests of future children, the bishops said.


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