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New Holy Week-Easter Hymnal


Source: The National Herald

By Eleni Sakellis

The Triodion began this year on February 25, and before you know it, Lent and then Holy Week will be upon us. Patmos Press announced that its new book, the long-awaited Holy Week-Easter Hymnal has been published to serve as the companion to the ever-popular Greek-English Holy Week-Easter book by Fr. George L. Papadeas just in time to order ahead of this year’s Holy Week services.

According to Patmos Press, the most widespread Holy Week Easter book for the Greek Orthodox faithful around the world was first published 60 years ago by Fr. George L. Papadeas and still remains the gold standard to this day. The new hymnal published by Patmos Press has a music score to enlighten and assist choirs and chanters, as well as parishioners.

The hymnal includes all the music of the Holy Week Easter services in Greek and English, as sung by the chanters and the choir. It has the markings for the corresponding pages in the coveted small black Holy Week Easter service book by Fr. Papadeas, referencing the beginning and ending of each hymn and the order of the services.

The music is in staff notation and follows the traditions, rules, and rubrics of Byzantine chant for both languages, and a complete description can be found on the Patmos Press website: www.patmospress.com/shop/hymnal-hardcover/.

This Holy Week Hymnal is a true blessing for the Psalti (cantor or chanter), by eliminating the need to improvise melodies, which has often been done in the past, but always resulting in an inferior performance in both languages.

Although this hymnal is primarily for the use of chanters and choirs, any person in the congregation wishing to sing with them could use the hymnal along with the service book.

The Holy Week Hymnal is available in a hardcover edition and has the original Greek on the left page with the corresponding English translation on the right page.

The book has 512 pages, Quantity discounts on all books and international shipping are available.

More information is available by phone 386-290-6528 and online: www.patmospress.com.


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