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New Zealand Killer’s Weapon Had “Turkofagos” and “Hagia Sophia Will Be Liberated” Written On It


Source: The National Herald

Assault weapon used in New Zealand terrorist attack.

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND – A striking and pointed message written on one of the mass killer of Chirstchurch’s weapon, has left many with even more questions than they might already have following the senseless and horrific terrorist attack that left 49 people dead and scores more injured.  In particular, Brenton Tarrant’s assault weapon had written in white, “Tourkofagos,” meaning “Turk Eater” in English, near the barrel of one of the guns he used to sow death in a peaceful New Zealand suburb.

Although the perpetrator of the atrocities is Australian and from TNH’s research, he does not appear to have Greek roots, the bizarrely specific and weighted words he inscribed on one of his instruments of death are hard for anyone to believe upon sight. It’s especially hard to fathom anybody who is not Greek, or of Greek descent, to know and use these terms in such a manner, making them stand out to members of the Greek community the world over.

Tarrant himself, in the foreword of his manifesto that he wrote prior to the deadly attacks characterized himself as an Australian with “Scottish, Irish and English roots.”

“We are coming for Constantinople – Agia Sophia will be freed from the minarets”

It appears clear that Tarrant had it out for the Turks since in his manifesto and a post to Twitter just before the attack, he spoke of his dream to see a wholly white Europe. He makes a specific reference to the Turks, who he threatens with annihilation.

He characterizes the President of Turkey as, “the leader of one of the most ancient enemies of our people and the leader of the largest, Islamic, group of people in Europe.”

From Tarrant’s Manifesto

He issued a direct threat to the Turkish people and he writes in his manifesto characteristically, “You can live peacefully in your own lands and you won’t be bothered by anyone. Those lands must be to the east of the Bosporus. However, if you continue to live on European lands, anywhere west of the Bosporus, we will kill you and we will forcefully expel you from our lands. We are coming for Constantinople and we will destroy every mosque and every minaret in Constantinople. Hagia Sophia will be liberated from the minarets and Constantinople will once again, and rightfully, belong to the Christians. Leave, while you still have the chance.”

In another passage he writes, “Until Hagia Sophia is liberated from the minarets, the men of Europe will be men in name only.”

Tarrant calls on like-minded individuals to murder the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

“Traitors deserve the death of traitors. It does not matter if it takes three or 30 years, these people have to pay for the disgusting attacks on our race.”

In fact, he states that Merkel is the “mother of all anti-white, anti-German things” and that’s why she is at the top of the list of “traitors” who have to die.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his campaign speech in the city of Gaziantep, responded to the message of the New Zealand terrorist:
“What does this b****** say about Istanbul? My brothers and sisters, he calls our city Constantinople! He says he will transform Hagia Sophia back into a church. As long as our people exist, as long as our spirit keeps driving us, we will never, ever allow such a thing happen.”

Condemnation of the Massacre From Across the Political World

Through the Ambassador of Greece to New Zealand, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Greece’s President, responded to the heinous acts of blind violence and religious hatred against innocent civilians. Pavlopoulos also shared his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and his wishes for the rapid recovery of the injured still in the hospital battling for their lives.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wished to show his solidarity with the people of New Zealand after the massacre at the two mosques with his post on Twitter on European-International issues, underlining the duty to support tolerance globally and religious freedom.

The Prime Minister said in his post, “We are deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks at the mosques in New Zealand. We stand in solidarity with the people of New Zealand.” He continued, “It is our duty to support tolerance and religious freedom, and to raise our voices, united against right-wing extremism and racist hatred.”

Similarly, New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted on Twitter, “I want to express my deepest sorrow for the terrorist attacks in New Zealand. Today I find myself in Thrace, an area where the coexistence of Christians and Muslims is exemplary. Intolerance, fanaticism and racism have no place in modern societies.”


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