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Priest accused of embezzlement a no-show in court again


Source: WISN.com

MILWAUKEE —A priest accused of embezzling six figures from his Milwaukee congregation is a no-show in court again.

His attorney said Father James Dokos was admitted to the hospital Monday morning.

VIDEO: Father James Dokos a no-show in court again Monday

She waited outside court to show her support. The former secretary at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church compared her former boss to Jesus Christ.

“There’s only one man that’s perfect and what did they do to him? He’s gone. He’s dead. They killed him, and that’s what they’re trying to do to Father Jim — crucify him,” church member Stephanie Rauch said.

Rauch said Dokos was a good priest distracted up by worldly possessions.

“He liked his Rolex. He liked his Cartier. He liked his Gucci shoes. He liked his Prada belt,” Rauch said.

Prosecutors said an elderly couple left more than a $1 million estate to Annunciation, naming Dokos trustee. Prosecutors said he improperly used more than $100,000 on bills, travel, dining and jewelry.

When the clerk called his name Monday, Dokos failed to appear a second time. Friday, his lawyer said the priest’s car broke down on the way to court. This time, he said the priest is in the hospital.

“I’m prevented by law from saying anything beyond that,” Dokos’ attorney Patrick Knight said.

The former secretary said even before the embezzlement allegations, Dokos was a polarizing force among parishioners at Annunciation

“I know a lot of people have come back … He wasn’t liked by a lot of people, sorry,” Rauch said.

If Dokos fails to return to court when he gets out of the hospital, the commissioner said he will order the priest’s arrest.

Dokos lives on Chicago’s Gold Coast in a luxury high-rise. His attorney declined to say where he’s hospitalized.


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