A Reflection by Orthodox Christian Laity as the Holy and Great Council Begins


ocl-header-new3.jpgSource: Orthodox Christian Laity

Heavenly king,
Comforter, Spirit of truth,
Who are present everywhere and fulfilling all things;
Treasury of blessings and Source of Life:
Come abide in us,
Cleanse us of all stain
And save our souls,
O Good One.

The members, friend and boards of Orthodox Christian Laity pray this prayer to the Holy Spirit along with our other prayers for positive results as the Holy and Great Council begins its deliberations with whoever is in attendance.  Be open to the Holy Spirit and work in synergy with the Holy Spirit.  The time to deliberate in a conciliar way as shepherds of the Church is now in Crete in the year of our Lord 2016.  Your deliberations will bear fruit for Christ and His Church and the faithful People of God who know that the Light and Truth of the Gospel and the Orthodox Church needs to be demonstrated by our conciliar example to make these Truths applicable to our time and place.  The world awaits your work. Be guided by the prayer of the Holy Spirit which truly fills all creation and is present everywhere.

George Matsoukas, Executive Director


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