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Special Conference on the Issues at Stake at the Future Pan-Orthodox Council


Source: St. Sergius Institute of Orthodox Theology / Volos Academy for Theological Studies

As it is well known, in recent years efforts have been intensified by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and other Orthodox Churches to overcome obstacles and to convene the Great Orthodox Synod. While it is still an open question whether the Great Pan-Orthodox Council, awaited and planned for more than fifty years, will finally be organized in the near future or later, an exceptional conference on the themes likely to be debated at this Council will take place at the St Sergius Institute, Paris, on 18-20 October 2012.

Organized by St Sergius Institute in Paris and the Centre for Ecumenical Research at the Catholic University, Leuven, in partnership with the Orthodox theological journal Contacts and the Collège des Bernardins, Paris, this international conference aims to inform participants about the issues at stake in this imminent major Church event.

The program will discuss, with Orthodox theologians from many countries (France, USA, Georgia, Greece, Lebanon, Romania and Russia) the following five themes: (1) The common liturgical calendar, (2) Autocephaly, autonomy and diptychs, (3) The future of the Orthodox diaspora, (4) Relations between Orthodoxy and other Churches, (5) Ethical and social questions , and fasting today. All these themes will be commented on by non-Orthodox observers from the Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions, in order to stimulate a fruitful debate in a spirit of ecumenical openness.

Speakers: Bishop Emmanuel of France; Bishop Gabriel of Comanes; Nicolas Ozoline; Peter De Mey; Pierre Sollogoub; Vladimir Khoulap; Thomas Pott; John Erickson; Grigorios D. Papathomas; Joseph Famerée; Emmanuel Clapsis; Antoine Arjakovsky; Ivana Noble; Mgr Jérôme Beau; Carol Saba; Georges Nahas; Nicolas Cernokrak; Enzo Bianchi; Tamara Grzelidze; Michel Stavrou; Barbara Hallensleben; Radu Preda; Athanasios Papathanassiou; Anne-Marie Reijnen; Pantelis Kalaïtzidis.


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