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Source: Pravmir Rescuers soon extracted the two wounded firefighters, who were immediately transported by helicopter to General Military Hospital 424 in Thessaloniki. The monk was found dead. On Mount Athos, Monk Athanasius of Hilandar Monastery fell into a precipice while hurrying to aid firefighters that had gotten into a car crash. The tragedy occurred at about 8 AM, when a fire truck with two firefighters took the road on Mount Athos to complete their ordinary daily duties, Russian Athos related. During their patrol, because of an unsettled road, their car got stuck in the difficult mountainous terrain near a chapel…

Source: inSerbia A group of female MPs of the European Parliament asked Greece recently to abolish a regulation, according to which women are strictly forbidden to visit the Holy Mountain, its twenty monasteries and 2,500 monks. The request says that the law “violates gender equality and introduces discrimination against women, which is not consistent with democracy”. At the same time, ads appeared in Serbian media, offering to take women on the “pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain” at the price of EUR 100 – 200. In this way, a question of women going to the Holy Mountain and the monastery of…