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Source: Public Orthodoxy by Paul L. Gavrilyuk On February 8, the students who gathered for a regular worship service at a chapel of Asbury University, a small Christian college in Wilmore, Kentucky, found themselves unable to leave at the service’s end. They continued to pray with their hands extended, making public confessions of repentance and praise, for hours. The nonstop service has gone on in this manner for two weeks, with over 50,000 people from other states and even other countries traveling to Asbury to experience the “outpouring.” When the university authorities had to close the service this Sunday, February 26,…

Source: Our Sunday Visitor A look at the meaning and motivation behind our frank pope Austen Ivereigh OSV Newsweekly Last month in Rome, a senior Catholic commentator was contacted by a U.S. news channel. Could he come into the studio to explain what Pope Francis meant when he said that couples who choose not to have children are part of a “greedy generation”? They were still absorbing his suggestion that Catholics shouldn’t breed like rabbits, which had offended people with big families; was he now going back on that? Was this a politician’s attempt to appeal to different constituencies? “Is…