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Source: Basilica.ro by Aurelian Iftimiu “We call on reason and wisdom. We are constantly praying for an end to the conflict,” the representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Vicariate in Romania wrote on Thursday regarding the situation in Ukraine. “The citizens of Ukraine, regardless of their ethnic origin, have the right to a free life. The misunderstandings between the states must be resolved exclusively through diplomatic channels, without loss of human lives, without generating real humanitarian tragedies,” reads a message signed by Vicar Nicolae Lauruc, Dean Petru Rahovan and Dean Petru Rosoca, published by the vicariate on their Facebook page. “We are…

Source: Basilica.ro The Romanian Patriarchate’s Filantropia Federation expressed its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and readiness to support Ukrainian refugees. by Aurelian Iftimiu In these times of crisis, Filantropia Federation is trying to lend a helping hand to those affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Our prayers and solidarity can soothe the painful times that war refugees go through. So let us show kindness and empathy together so that we can shelter, feed and clothe the people who need our support. Filantropia Federation, together with all 25 member organizations, expresses its readiness to help through social services in the…