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The State of Religion and Orthodox Christianity in America as Revealed by U.S. Religion Census


Source: U.S. Religion Census

The book, “U.S. Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Adherents,” is now available for download free of charge at: https://www.usreligioncensus.org/sites/default/files/2023-10/2020_US_Religion_Census.pdf

This unique publication offers national, state, and county-level information and statistics on congregations and membership for 372 religious groups, including fourteen Eastern Orthodox and nine Oriental Orthodox Churches.

The book’s ten chapters examine various aspects of church life in America and can also be downloaded individually at: https://www.usreligioncensus.org/node/1638
These chapters include:

  • Quick Answers to Important Questions from the U.S. Religion Census
  • Historical Efforts to Collect U.S. Data on Religious Congregations
  • Trends in Adherents Data: 2010-2020
  • Patterns of Historical and Organizational Events and Conflict
  • Religious Diversity in the United States
  • Regional Differences in Religious Congregations and Adherents
  • The Rise of Non-Christian Faith Traditions in the United States
  • Religion and Metropolitan Status in the United States
  • A Portrait of Immigration, Race, and Religious Congregations and their Adherents
  • What are “Religious Bodies?” Denominations , Non-denominations, and the Gray Areas in Between

Twenty maps are included in the book and show the percentage of religious adherents in the total population of each county for twenty religious groups. Among them, two maps depict the geography of adherents for Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches. The maps’ section of the book can be downloaded here:

A number of reports on changes in American Orthodox Churches during the past decade are available here:

Please share this announcement via social media with your parish communities, as well as with  Orthodox friends and relatives. Questions and inquiries are welcome: send them to [email protected].

Alexei Krindatch,  National Coordinator
National Census of Orthodox Christian Churches &
U.S .Religion Census (www.usreligioncensus.org)
Cell: 773-551-7226 www.orthodoxreality.org


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