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“Year of Schmemann” begins, honoring 100 years since birth of Fr. Alexander


Source: St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary has begun its year of honoring the legacy of former dean and renowned theologian Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann (1921-1983). The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Fr. Alexander’s birth.

The “Year of Schmemann” celebrations kicked off Tuesday, January 26, 2021 with the release of an unearthed recording of Schmemann. His words, captured decades ago—on a recording which recently came into the Seminary’s possession—are anything but dated. They are further proof that Fr. Alexander remains “A Voice for Our Time.”

Discern the Spirits: Words from Alexander Schmemann from St Vladimir’s Seminary on Vimeo.

Celebrations continue Saturday, January 30, 2021 with The 38th Annual Father Alexander Schmemann Memorial LectureThe online event coincides with the release of the upcoming bookA Voice for Our Time: Radio Liberty Talks, Vol. 1, featuring an English translation of Schmemann’s broadcasts into the Soviet Union. New York Times bestselling author Rod Dreher, who wrote the foreword for the book, will deliver this year’s lecture.

Registration ends at 8 p.m. EST on January 28.

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Year of Schmemann celebrations will continue throughout 2021.

May the memory of Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann be eternal!



  1. Dreher was horrible! He should have never been asked to speak. He brought his own brand of “Right-Wing” Orthodoxy to his lecture. Schmemann was turning in his grave. Totally disgraceful!

    • Andreas Taylorides on

      You’re absolutely right Nikolai, Rod Dreher has his own brand of Right Wing Sectarian Orthodoxy, sadly Rod Dreher isn’t the only one as there are many like him in all Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions…….mostly from converts and also from cradle Orthodox.

  2. George D. Karcazes on


    A sad example of intolerance and “cancel culture”.

    The answer to speech you don’t agree with is “better” speech.

    Discernment comes from robust exchanges in the “marketplace of ideas”. This requires more speech, not less speech.

    Characterizations like “horrible” and “Right-Wing” generate heat.. but offer no light. They don’t add to anyone’s understanding of what Dreher presented in his lecture.

    Fortunately Saint Vladlimir’s Seminary did not buckle to those who pressure institutions of higher learning to “dis-invite” speakers with whom they disagree.


  3. For many years, we’ve had to fight with the right-wingers in Orthodoxy. Originally, we saw this phenomenon emanating from wayward monks from Mt. Athos. Re-baptizing any Christian coming to Orthodoxy, intolerance for sinners, condemning the Pope & all RC’s, insisting on confession before communion, etc. This type of thinking spread to “holier than thou” converts coming to Orthodoxy who had no clue of what Orthodoxy really was. This all stems from the idea that Orthodoxy is all about a “set of rules” that MUST be followed. As if Christ came to get rid of Moses’ “rules” only to set up His own. How wrong this thinking is. Dreyer and others are reactionaries from their former religious upbringing. Christ taught to love God with all your soul & mind & to love your brother (neighbor) as yourself. AND, to accept Jesus Christ as truly God & truly man who became incarnate to destroy death and lead all of us into His Kingdom. Not a totally “RIGORIST” set of rules lacking love. For this reason, theological education is necessary for EVERYONE; Bishops, Priests, Deacons and lay people.

    • Andreas Taylorides on

      Dear Nikolai, you’re very right and I agree with you 100%, nevertheless fanaticism and intolerance is sadly gaining momentum in the Eastern Orthodox Churches among priests and laity……they view Roman Catholics, Eastern Catholics, Oriental Orthodox and other Christians as enemies of The Eastern Orthodox Church……this is not true at all. They’re constantly bashing and vilifying Roman/Eastern Catholics accusing them of not being Christian and all sorts of horrible accusations makes me very very sad.

      How can I possibly say to another Christian that he/she is a schismatic and a heretic and would never inherit the kingdom of God???? I refuse to do this in my good conscience. Even the lay preachers sadly say what they want to people to enforce a rigorist doctrine and many people depart from the faith because of uneducated, uninformed, ignorant, backward lay preachers.

  4. George D. Karcazes on

    Thank you!

    A great example of “better” speech.

    The Fundamentalist teachings of what you characterize as “right wingers” is a real problem in Orthodoxy in America. While the “Ephramite” monasteries in the US are all supposedly under the Omophorion of the GOA Metropolitans, they are essentially unchecked by these Hierarchs. The Assembly of Bishops has failed to address this problem which has infected some parishes in all jurisdictions.

    Characterizations like right-wing, left-wing, conservative, and liberal need to be fortified with examples in order for people to understand.

    Why re-baptism? Why extreme penances? What about the Toll-House teachings? Is there a place for Anti- Semitism in Orthodoxy?

    These are serious issues that need to be addressed.

    • Andreas Taylorides on

      Thank you George, you have given clear insights about re-baptisms, extreme penances, toll house teachings, anti semitism and of course ephramite monasteries that has caused significant damages to the Eastern Orthodox laity and we feel disgusted and shamed that they’re still under the omophrion of the GOA / metropolitans of the GOA.

      The issue of spiritual abuse must be addressed in all jurisdictions because some laity don’t believe that these things do happen, they say it’s just misunderstanding or saying it for your own good. Spiritual abuses from clergy and laity is a serious concern!!!

  5. Andreas Taylorides on

    …Commenting on what we have said, I have to say this………..I have distanced myself from a lot of Eastern Orthodox clergy and lay preachers who preach a radical form Orthodoxy with conspiracy theories as a back up, misquoting and twisting the teachings of the early church fathers and the saints, failure to give an adequate biblical interpretation and labelling every well intentioned non orthodox Christians as heretics and schismatics claiming that they have the wrong faith and understanding……and also which is very disturbing is that they openly say to the non orthodox that their church doesn’t have the grace of the Holy Spirt nor possess the fullness of the truth.

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