[ditty_news_ticker id="27897"] Grassroots Responses to the Financial Crisis within the GOA - Orthodox Christian Laity

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  1. Theodoros Theophilos on

    As the letters to their Metropolises seem to say, mismanagement, breech of trust and escrow of assessments should be enough to sever foreign ties.
    Reason has not worked.
    Process has not worked.
    Patience has not worked.
    What will enlighten Orthodox Christians in America to the fact their Time Treasure and Talent are best applied in their own backyard? Escrow! The ties to the archaic, ethnic, foreign interests keeping the death march of Orthodox Christianity moving by encouraging factionalism and isolation need to be severed. Not one of the ethnic patriarchates in America, not the Russians, the Greeks or any other ethnicity can sustain itself of and by itself. The Orthodox Church in America must unify or die…look around you, how many Greeks are marrying Greeks or Russians marrying Russians? How many young families are in your ranks? Perpetuating the status quo of ethnic interest domination guarantees the atrophy and death of our Church.

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