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Implement These Solutions Regarding Church in America


Source: The National Herald

To the Editor:

Thank you for a good editorial “The Demetrios Doctrine: ‘Let it Burn,’” (Jun. 9).

Most important is the solution:

Retire bishops at 75 years old like the Roman Catholic Church does. The Greek Orthodox cannot tolerate stagnation.

Where are the metropolitans’ performance reports? Fr. Ephraim of Mount Athos and St. Anthony’s Monastery Florence, Arizona built seven Churches on 300 acres, rendering it the second-largest tourist attraction in Arizona, along with 20-plus monasteries in America.

The late Metropolitan Anthony built 25 Churches in 25 years and developed the St. Nicholas Ranch Retreat Center with a convent.

Fire Santiago Calatrava, like the Denver Airport did, and hire Greek Orthodox theological architects for the St. Nicholas National Shrine. There is $80 million spent for a church that holds just 130? Four times over budget.

The Greek Orthodox need a theological and liturgical church, not a Calatrava work of art.

Every metropolis needs to raise at least $2 million for the Archdiocese and Holy Cross Seminary, or retire them.

Joel Osteen’s preaching brings in $100 million a year.

Stelios M. Zervos
West Jordan, UT


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