Podcast: Orthodox Christian Fundamentalism: what is it and does it exist?


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Podcast: Orthodox Christian Fundamentalism: what is it and does it exist?

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Earlier in the year, one of Kevin’s guests, Dr George E Demacopoulos, wrote on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese blog that through the increasing expansion of ‘Orthodox fundamentalism’ in ordinary parishes, “the entire Orthodox Church is at risk of being hijacked by extremists”. Father John Whiteford, ROCOR priest and blogger wrote a robust rebuttal to this article. On this episode of Ancient Faith Today Kevin discusses with his guests their views of ‘Orthodox fundamentalism’: what it is, whether it truly exists and what impact it is having on the Orthodox Church today.

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  1. Orthodox fundamentalism is alive and well with Orthodoxy. These people are our “radical” Orthodox as the Muslims have their “radicals.” We find many of these people in Russia and many of these radical, right-wing types are not well educated. They have a penchant for “rules and regulations” rather than what Orthodoxy really teaches, “love and compassion.” Like the Pharisees who condemned and hated Christ, these Orthodox Christian types believe that Christ abolished the “Laws of Moses” only to set up His own set of “Christian Laws.” Adherence to Canon Laws, Church rules, etc. become their only focus disregarding love & flexibility. All becomes black & white and condemning and criticizing other Orthodox is their prime interest. Like the radical Muslims who insist on sharia law to condemn others, these Orthodox Christians miss Christ’s teachings entirely of “love” and would rather persecute their Christian brothers & sisters.

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