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Source: Orthodoxy in DialogueThe Venerable and Ancient Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa has surprised us with its courage and initiative in the past. We need only recall the appointment of deaconesses by His Beatitude, Pope and Patriarch Theodoros II. While there was debate whether it constituted a true “ordination” (cheirotonia), rather than a blessing (cheirothesia), the fact remains that the Patriarchate took an initiative in such matters.The same can be said regarding the establishment of St. Mark’s Academy, offering theological education through distance learning. Other such Academies exist, but St. Mark’s promises a quality, contemporary, and challenging curriculum. Situated…

Source: Cambridge News Written by GARETH MCPHERSON Trainee priests were among the students plunged into crisis when an embittered director of a religious studies institute brought down its distance learning programme, a tribunal heard. Decorated academic Dr Constantinos Athanasopoulos, who was director of distance learning at The Institute For Orthodox Christian Studies (IOCS), pulled the plug on the online course after he was made redundant, the Bury St Edmunds hearing was told. The night before the system crashed on August 4 last year he allegedly told IOCS’ chairman of board of directors Gladys Bland he could “bring down the distance…