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Source: Orthodox Christian Laity I served on my Parish Council for more than twenty years; three as President.  I also represented my Parish as a lay delegate to ten Clergy-Laity Congresses.  I no longer serve on our Parish Council.  Although I was removed from a volunteer position on our Stewardship Committee for sending an entirely truthful and accurate “Letter to the Editor” of The National Herald, I was still asked to come back and advise our Parish Delegates about what they should say and do at the Boston Congress as delegates to the Congress.  In summary, the following was my…

Source: The National Herald April 25 – May 1, 2015 edition To the Editor: The removal of Fr. Angelo Artemas and his replacement with Fr. James Dokos by Bishop Kantzavelos has caused irreparable and immeasurable harm to my parish, Sts. Peter and Paul in Glenview, IL. The spiritual damage of being ministered by a priest for two years who has been charged with felony theft by the Milwaukee, WI District Attorney is incalculable. My parish lost 54 donor families between 2012 and 2014. The scandal has divided the faithful between those who are calling for the removal of the Bishop/Chancellor…