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Christianity Fixing the World – Food for Thought

Archbishop LAZAR (Puhalo)

Archbishop LAZAR (Puhalo)

Source: All Saints Monastery

Christ certainly did not have in mind that those who follow “The Way” would “fix the world,” rather that they were gathered “out of the world,” that they would be “in the world, but not of the world,” that the world would “hate them” etc. Christianity trying to “fix the world” has become “of the world” not gathered out ot it, and political Christianity has become “of the world” and part of its system. Trying to “fix the world” is a betrayal of the calling the Christ gave us. We may minister to the world, but not become “of the world,” and certainly not “fix” it. We cannot minister to the world by having become another form of political party, but only by remaining not of the world but ministering to it with compassion, openess to all and love for all. And by proclaiming a Kinddom which is also not “of this world.” We, above all, cannot “fix the world” through using the worldly political system, which inevitably makes us a part of and servant of that worldly system, and ultimately devoured by it.

Archbishop LAZAR Puhalo


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