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Joanne Nikides – Memory Eternal!


Joanne Nikides

Joanne Nikides fell asleep in the Lord on May 12, 2022, surrounded by family. She had just celebrated her 73rd birthday on May 2. She was an amazing woman. She was compassionate, empathetic, intelligent and gentle. She just loved humanity. She saw the best in everyone. She served Orthodox Christian Laity for 16 years as our bookkeeper, accountant and membership manager. Her reports were exemplary. She kept us on target. She enjoyed working with us. She helped us grow and shared our mission. She was a retired accounting professor who taught at Palm Beach Community College. She was raised in Dayton Ohio,worked in Palm Beach County and retired to Durham, North Carolina. She is survived by sisters Aglaia Graham and Thalia Becak.

Condolences may be sent to:
Lea and Doyle Graham
5106 A Murphy School Road
Durham, North Carolina 27705

We pray for her eternal rest and peace and extend our love to her family.

George Matsoukas
OCL Executive Director Emeritus



  1. A true woman of courage so very, very brave and fought her battles with sweetness, gentleness, kindness and humbleness. Always putting others before herself with a heart so full of love for everyone, so generous and giving of her time…never too busy to listen. A true Godly woman, brilliant teacher and inspiring.
    I have known and been blessed by Joanne most of my entire life. My heart hurts as I will miss her for the rest of my life…my dear friend. We will see each other again someday in heaven. What a day that will be! Hope they have coffee there:-)

  2. Carla J Alvarado on

    I too grew up in Dayton, Ohio and attended school with Joanne. I moved from Dayton during college and never returned. I do remember Joanne with great fondness. She was always kind and fun to be with during our school escapades. The Fairmont Girls Hockey Team, the sleep overs, silliness of driving around the Parkmore…the mink earmuffs she gifted me one winter. These are wonderful memories of a beautiful person.

    I am so happy to read she was a university professor, I too choose that path. No doubt Joanne shared her deep love of learning with all her students. My sincere condolences to those who knew and loved her.

    Carla J (Betsch) Alvarado
    Madison WI and Kailua-Kona, HI

  3. George D. Karcazes on

    Joanne loved OCL and shared in its mission and goals. All of us on the OCL Board over the years were blessed to have known her. We not only had the benefit of her professional services but of her warmth and kindness.

    May her memory be eternal and a blessing to her family and everyone who knew her.

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