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Source: Haaretz Police suspect the two – Tracy Cadis and Amir Marmesh – planned and stabbed Padilla Cadis to death because she objected to her daughter’s relationship with a Muslim Josh Breiner  The suspects in last week’s murder of the widow of the head of Jaffa’s Christian community are her daughter and her partner, it was revealed on Thursday, after the court released the suspects’ names for publication. Police suspect the two – Tracy Cadis and Amir Marmesh – both 18, murdered Padilla Cadis because she objected to their relationship. Padilla Cadis, widow of the late Gabriel Cadis – who was head of Jaffa’s…

Source: Crux Kevin J. Jones August 21, 2016 CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY In a tragic irony, Arab Christians have become targets across the Middle East because of their faith, but in the United States they can be exposed to harassment and even violence on account of their ethnicity, as the case of Khalid Jabara in Oklahoma illustrates. TULSA, Oklahoma – Khalid Jabara, a Lebanese-American Christian man, was killed in Tulsa, OK last week. His alleged assailant was a man who repeatedly harassed his family with anti-Muslim, anti-Arab language. The killing has caused concern about attitudes in the U.S. “Here, in the…