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Source: WTHR13 By Emily Longnecker, WTHR reporter FISHERS, Ind. – The anguish continues with Syrian refugees in Hungary as they search for safety in the European Union. Today, Hungary shut its border with Serbia and vowed to fence its border with Romania, as well. Many of the refugees are trying to get to Austria or Germany, but countless men, women and children have already died along the way. Members of a central Indiana church say if those refugees can get to Indianapolis, they’d welcome them with open arms. Saint George Orthodox Christian Church in Fishers is ready to help the Syrian…

Source: Illinois News Network online Religious leaders from the Orthodox Christian Churches will come together Tuesday night April 22 to commemorate the discovery of the Icon of the Virgin Mary that began tearing/weeping 20 years ago. Parishioners at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, 1220 S. 60th Court in Cicero, noticed that an Icon of the Virgin Mary began tearing, first with one tear and later by the end of the night with four separate tears. The tears were dabbed in with cotton and mixed with oil which was distributed to more than 1,000 Christian Churches around the world, and 100,000…