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Archbishop Ieronymos says Church would baptize children of same-sex couples


Source: Ekathimerini.com

Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens

The Greek Orthodox Church would agree to baptize children of same-sex couples, if they so desire, Archbishop Ieronymos, the leader of the influential Orthodox Church of Greece, said on Thursday.

Τhe Holy Synod of the Church of Greece announced on January 23 that it fully opposed a government draft proposal for the legalization of same-sex marriage which was posted for public consultation on Wednesday.

Ieronymos spoke after a meeting with Archbishop Elpidophoros of America in Athens during which they discussed the bill and the performance of Church sacraments related to marriage and baptism.

“[…] We are not against children. We love and care about children more than anyone else. The Church will wait for these children to reach a certain age and when they grow up and wish to be baptized they will be baptized,” Ieronymos said.

“Freedom in man is a very important thing, and we must all take this into account – both the Church, but also the State. Neither the Church should have the bayonet ready [to fight], nor should the State want to place limits on any institution in our country,” he added.

Elidophoros said he fully shared Ieronymos’ views on the matter.



  1. Cato the Elder on

    According to this report +Ireonymos is saying that infant baptism of children of same sex couples will NOT be permitted by the Church of Greece. It will wait until those children “reach a certain age” (adulthood?) and “wish to be baptized” … then the Church will baptize them.

    And.. although +Elpidophoros famously travelled to Greece to perform a highly publicized baptism of infants of a same sex couple.. he now agrees with +Ieronymos!

    Of course, this is from a Greek newspaper so we cannot be sure it accurately reports what each hierarch said.

    In America +Elpidophoros will have to explain what he thinks the rule should be for the GOA, and then the Metropolitans can each explain what they think.

    Or, perhaps the Eparchial Synod can issue a ruling on the matter.

    Or, perhaps the Assembly of Bishops can issue a ruling for all of the Orthodox Churches in America,

    Certainly the clergy and faithful of all Orthodox jurisdictions in America are entitled to guidance from their Hierarchs on this issue.

    • or perhaps the parents can baptize their children themselves. Baptism is a sacrament that lay people of any sex and denomination can perform.

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